Thursday, July 24, 2014

5 Top Tips For Modern Web Design

With new websites being launched every day, having a beautifully designed and optimized site is no longer enough to attract visitors and drive traffic. Internet users have a range to choose from, and most will prefer visiting a site that incorporates the latest and newest web design features. To remain competitive, business owners and other web design professionals must now incorporate several new factors such as modern & responsive design, easy navigation and social media when building their websites. 

Modern web design tips

1. Know your target market first 

Before you start the design process, it’s important that you understand your target market ─ this includes your customers and potential users.You can carry out a simple survey to find out what their needs are so that you’re able to offer something that fulfills the needs. Additionally, try to see what the competitors are doing. That way, you can be able to come up with a unique design that stands out from the crowd! 

2. Define goals & conversion points

An important part of website design is defining goals as well as conversion points for all pages, parts, and sections of the new website. For example, make sure you define your calls to actions and put them in place for every section of your content that provides answers for the user’s needs and wants. 

3. Use images (but properly)

Unique, well-placed images on your site will not only keep your visitors interested and engaged but might keep them coming! .One of the current trends in modern web design is Images With Type, where text is incorporated with imagery. You can expand the approach by using large scale/full screen images to highlight a particular concept. Another tip is to use photos as a way of navigation. In fact, so many sites are embracing this style by limiting the typical text navigation as well as adding certain on-hover effects to photos. The approach can also take a unique angle when you style it with text, color and layout effects. 

4. Don’t ignore content

Another modern web design tip is to provide simple, well-organized and relevant content. Content is the core of literally everything we do, whether from technical or a marketing perspective. It connects each and every element of your design & build process. Proper website design should therefore be focused on quality content. Always provide fresh, relevant and interesting content that’s not only clear but also concise. Additionally, ensure that your content says exactly what you want it to say yet in a simple, easily digestible format.

Try to organize your Webpage content according to date, time, location, topic, target audience and so on. That way, your visitors will find it easy to locate the information they’re looking for. You should also consider using white space to break and emphasize the various aspects of the content.

5. Create a responsive website

With many users said to surf the Internet from handheld devices such as Smartphone and tablets today, having a responsive site is increasingly becoming important. Such a site works effectively and gives quality browsing experience on the desktop browser and other devices that are available on the market. You will have a site that can be accessed from an array of devices, meaning that you’re able to reach and wider audience at a lower cost than having separate websites for different devices.